Music Life In The City Of Kings

Inside Out the music life in Bulawayo

Its a phrase that makes no sense. What then could make more sense than going back to Baby Face. And when the same song is by your friend or fellow mate it makes no sense. "inamba ligrand, angaz yazi but lishota akayi that" haha, have you ever heard that? Its what we say about the songs local musoz bring out. 

What is an artist that knows no art, art is he shows on the stage but the background is business. The rush in the city is devided, the east side thinks they have new talent and the west wants to to hold on it with greed and maintaining a power circle in a state where equality is much needed. What do you see when you look at Byo music and musicians?

Are we teaching the truth to those who do not know? Is the music we make and listen to a true or false story of who we are ie a reflection of us. Every brother needs to ask himself this question while every sister needs to make better decisions. 


Need i say the festive is just around the corner? Get yourself at every venue enlisted in the posters circulating in the streets and in your social media. Experience all the music you are exposed to, live in the music. The festive is a season of music, feed your soul with enough to last you a happy year ahead. Go to Shut up and Groove Events, take centre stage, sing along to Graham Planks or Dance to Shirati Drums. Make great music with Mellowex or travel the musical world with Dr CKhupha. Talk about female performers like Riaz, discuss their prettiness and angelic voices, meet beauty Queens like Zama beauty and get controversial with the likes of Cal_Vin and Asaph. The festive is a series of stories to live and retell. Here's to foretelling the fun ahead of us. 


I hope next year in the January disease era you re-read this and the whole article makes totally different sense..


Your Highest


Graham Planks