Advanced Steps to Repair QuickBooks Error Code -6190, -82

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QuickBooks has represented as the most beneficial software for accounting for all types of industry masters.

QuickBooks has represented as the most beneficial software for accounting for all types of industry masters. Sometimes, users may face some obstacles while beginning the QB software due to some technical problems. These errors may disrupt access to the software.

This post discusses the QuickBooks error code 6190, -82 and what are its causes and how can we solve these errors.


What is QuickBooks Error code 6190, -82?

QuickBooks users may find this error very often. This error code is a very simple error code that is faced by the user. It clearly means that different user is logged in to the company files on the host computer in single-user mode. It can be also because of the mismatch between the transaction log file (.tlg) and the company file (.qbw).

You can follow some easy steps to solve this error and theses steps are later given in this article. Also, to save your time and efforts you can contact to our QuickBooks enterprise support team at +1-800-969-7370.


Causes behind QuickBooks Error code 6190, -82

There are many causes for the occurrence of this error in the software. Some of them are given below:

  • The business files not matching with the log file.
  • An activity log is the summary of transactions which is done by the company and is automatically saved by QuickBooks
  • An update abortion could be a reason as well.
  • This occurs when a company file is updated on a different computer without updating its transaction file.
  • One of the other problems would be when another user is logged in to the company file in Single User mode.
  • A problem that is less likely to occur, is data corruption or data damage in the QuickBooks data file, hence showing the error code.


Effects of QuickBooks Error -6190, -82

Some of the important effects for QuickBooks error code 6190, 82 are as follows:

  • The company file is corrupted due to the mismatch.
  • The user spends all the necessary files that are saved within the company data (QBW) file.
  • This restricts the access of the user to the file since it may have been opened by another user already.


How can you determine QuickBooks error -6190, -82?

QuickBooks users can easily fix this error with these simple solutions given below:


Method 1-

  • Assure that no users are logged in to the QuickBooks Data file.
  • Restart the network.
  • Follow the data file to another location except for its source.
  • Draw the data file back again to its original location.
  • At last, Sign in to QuickBooks.


Method 2 - 

  • Determine the company files in the company folder.
  • Right-click on the organization files and then select the ‘Rename’
  • Enter any different names on it and ensure that the extension “.qbw.nd” is not omitted.
  • Then, similarly, right-click on the action file and then select the ‘Rename’
  • Choose a different name and ensure that the extension is not omitted here as well.
  • At last, Exit the system and open QuickBooks to log in to the company file.


The QuickBooks users will surely determine the QB error code -6190, -86 in the software. We hope that this article will surely provide the best guidance for all the QB users.

For any further queries, feel free to dial our toll-free QuickBooks support number .i.e. +1-800-969-7370 and get in touch with our tech experts.


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