E Wedding Invitations - A Simple yet Elegant Addition to your Wedding Stationery

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Do you believe in online inviting to your friends and guests to the wedding ceremony? This is a simple but elegant method you could ever follow. Learn about E Wedding invitations and see how people can use this eco-friendly way to invite members without wasting money.

In this digital world, going paperless is a tremendous way to save money as well as time. E Wedding Invitations can be as lovely as their physical counterparts. The online wedding invitations can be well-designed to fit in your personality. With multiple designs and enormous collections to choose from at INDIAN WEDDING CARDS, we have options you will surely love.

What are online invitations?

Online or digital invitations are paperless. It means that now, one can invite numerous guests for a major event without a single piece of paper. Apart from the paper, think about how much printing those invitations cards can cost you. That’s where; digital invitations are beneficial, especially when it’s about sending wedding invitations that include an invitation for Mehendi, sangeet, and several other functions. 

What’s so special in E wedding cards?

These cards perfectly match your wedding style and keeps hold of traditional values. Ecard available with INDIAN WEDDING CARDS is the best option for your theme wedding. You can save paper and goes eco-friendly with this beautiful Ecard wedding invitation.


Why choose E Wedding Invitations?

  • Save money - One of the most apparent reasons that instead of paper invitations, people nowadays choose E Wedding Invitations is because it can save you hundreds. With no need to spend on printing and posting cost, it’s stress-free to save your money for other wedding plans.
  • No chance for delivery mistakes - Now, you do not remember your guest address for inviting your wedding. you will never have to mess up trying to figure out who has received your invitation and who did not. Even if you send mail to the wrong email address, then you will get a response back that lets you know. With our green and cream color combination e card you can enjoy your wedding. If you need to make any changes to your E Wedding Invitations, you can do it in just a few clicks. Unlike paper invites, E invitations ensure that you are not making a final commitment to the design until you confirm it.


  • Effortless online wedding invitations - Deliver gracefully and well-designed floral e card directly to all of your family members, relatives, and friends. Whether you desire to upload your custom floral designed wedding Ecard or adapt one of our elite designer suites, every invitation card is delivered at a reasonable price. 


If required, these E Wedding Invitations can be printed on paper for a more terrific look. However, going digital with online invitations is a very generous thing that you can do for the environment. With our specialized designers, it’s hassle-free to order any design, color, texture or format of digital invitations for your wedding.