Make your market presence stronger with custom-made corporate videos

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Today, corporate video production is the smartest way to take your business higher and keep growing. Just think about it from a different point of view ...

Today, corporate video production is the smartest way to take your business higher and keep growing. Just think about it from a different point of view – you must have watched hundreds of videos about one or multiple products to gain better knowledge or understanding. Besides, the census says that 8 times out of 10, a customer prefers to gain knowledge about a certain product through video instead of reading. So, now if we say that a video commercial production is one of the key factors to keep you ahead of your competitors while engaging your customers more, we would be telling the truth.

5 benefits of investing in video production

It gets you more traffic

You may hard to believe it right now, but every two-thirds of all internet traffic comes from video account. This means that if you are not using corporate video production Singapore, you are losing hundreds and thousands of potential customers. If you conduct research, soon enough you will realize that a corporate video on your website will ensure 75% more traffic than usual.

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People like to share videos


These days with all the social media tools available, people tend to share a video more than talking about it. For example, if you find relevant videos about a certain product, it will be quite easier to get a better understanding, and rather than explaining it to someone, you can just share the video.

So, no matter if a visitor is buying or simply going through your website, if they share your videos, there will always be high chances of a sale.

Better SEO ranking

Having corporate videos on your website means you will show up more frequently on the search engines than other companies. When Google introduced Universal search in 2007, corporate videos became a crucial aspect to help you rank better.

Better brand awareness

Arguably, a finely made corporate video will have a stronger emotional response and feel. No matter, if the video is made to make you happy, laugh, or give you shock or relevant information, nothing can engage a customer to your products or your company itself than corporate videos.

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If you can select the target audience wisely, videos will provide a longer-lasting and stronger impression than words. Using the right words is very crucial for the brand image too, but if you can provide the right information through a video, it will have a better effect on your brand image.

Provides greater ROI

Most people keep themselves away from making corporate videos as they are quite costly, but certain investments are necessary to take your business to the next level. Besides, if you can find the best and cheap corporate video production company in Singapore, it will not break your bank.

Corporate video production is not about making hundreds of videos, but it is about making only the relevant ones. This will help you to explain everything about a certain product or a group of products, so a better ROI is guaranteed.