Fully future-ready and modular scrubbers

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Fully future-ready and modular scrubbers for 2020 and beyond

SO2 Scrubbers are a recognised solution to comply with the IMO 0.5% Sulphur Cap but recent local bans on washwater discharges from open loop scrubber systems have increased a widespread misconception that there are no safeguards against their environmental impact.

Kamelia Cleantech offers some background and observations to help clarify the situation, which can be summarised as follows:

The Misinformed Fear

There is a pervasive misconception asserting that open loop scrubber systems are dealing with air pollution but creating a new “environmental mishap” by dumping wastewater into the sea.  Safety concerns are also raised around the possible machinery dysfunctions under the case of using open loop scrubber systems. In rare circumstances, the system may break down and could result in leakages or failure of pumps. Due to the extensive nature of components, this could be an obvious fact.