How You Can Use Instagram Live for Your Business

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The post briefs you how to use Instagram Live for business. You will get to know a few things to keep in mind while using Instagram Live versus some of the other live streaming platforms.

The post briefs you how to use Instagram Live for business. You will get to know a few things to keep in mind while using Instagram Live versus some of the other live streaming platforms. If you have been struggling or getting frustrated with your social media marketing, then you will get benefits from this post. The post discusses a few tips about how to get more Instagram live viewers and how you can use Instagram Live for business. 

Why Instagram Live?

An Instagram story helps you to build media files which you can see emerging at the top news feed of your follower for 24 hours. Since Instagram feeds are controlled by the same algorithm that controls the Facebook news feed. This helps you to keep your story on Instagram fresh, and you stay top of your audience Instagram app.

Few things to keep in mind with Instagram Live


1. Vertical video and does not let you post to your feed

First of all, it is a vertical video from your smartphone. Unlike Facebook Live, the video does not become a post in your feed or anywhere. It automatically gets deleted after 24 hours. Some people see that as an upside because they feel like there is less pressure to perform during Instagram Live. Unlike other live streaming platforms, there is no caption to get people interested or draw them in. They just see that you are live. They have to click on it and hope that you are talking about something that they're interested in. 

Once you're in Instagram, to do an Instagram Live, you're going to the same place as you do in the Instagram story, which would either be the camera icon on the upper left or you can just swipe right and enter your Instagram stories area there. This is essentially the Instagram camera. And you can swipe through the different option for Instagram stories, or you can choose to live, and this is where you're going to go live on Instagram.

It will also show you how many of your followers are active in Instagram right now. Which is an excellent indication of whether or not people might tune in and catch you live if you haven't pro-promoted it ahead of time? Before you go live, make sure you have a strong signal. Wi-Fi or a strong cell signal and then, of course, make sure if you are attached to a microphone. It could be simple as the headset that came with your phone. 

You will get much better audio that way, especially if you're in a place with any kind of ambient noise content around. Then you need to start with a few setting that you can see at the lower right. You can also flip the camera to front-facing versus rear-facing. 


2. Filters of Smiley Faces

The little smiley face at the top is going to be lots of different filters that you can choose if you want to play around and have something a little more distinctive looking. Either to help you are comfortable on camera or to help your video be more entertaining if somebody happens to tap on it. If you have a funny filter, maybe they'll watch it longer.


3. Tap to Go Live

Once you're ready to tap Go Live, check your connection and you're live. So let's take a quick tour you're looking at while you're live. First of all, you can see the comment box there at the bottom, but that's where you can leave a comment as well. 


4. Option to Pin the Comment

So if you're coordinated enough, you can type in a subject that you want to have there and then you can actually pin the comment by holding down on it and then it will pop up there.  And you can say, hey I want to pin this comment to the top. So that way if new people start commenting that one will sit still at the top the whole time.


5. You Can Best Use of Question and Answer By Pinning to the Top

If you're doing a QA, then you can pin your question to the top there or your subject matter. And that way anyone who tunes in partway through will know what you are doing. If for some reason you didn't want comments, maybe you're vulnerable and you're worried that comment will throw you off or whatever it might be, you can tap the three dots in the comment box and turn those off. 


6. Control Who Can Go Live With You or Not

The other thing is your viewers can go live with you if you want them to, but if you don't want people to have that option, then you can also turn that off right there. If you look at the top of the screen, you'll see the pink live indicator and if you tap that it'll show you how long you've been live. 


7. Use Your Time Frame for Instagram Live Stream

So if you have a time frame in mind of how long you want to be live, then that will be very helpful to you to keep track, or you might see oh my god I've been on for two and a half minutes and you haven't even gotten into your point yet. So that can be a good indicator, or you may prefer just to have it hidden. 


8. Features of Switching the Camera

You can switch from the front-facing to the rear-facing camera during an Instagram Live.  So if you want to do that, then you have to tap the arrow there at the top on the left. The little icon with the question mark at the bottom, if users have submitted questions to you ahead of time through your Instagram story, well then they appear there. You can tap on them and then you will see them on the screen as well as your viewers. So if you're doing QA, you can do it that way. 


9. Use Paper Airplane 

Down at the bottom, the paper airplane, that is to share the live video, and so you can go ahead and tap that and then send the live video to somebody. Let's say you wanted to try and send them a notification so then maybe they would come and watch, and you can invite them on Live. At the same time, your viewers have that same button available to them. So it could be a good idea if you're providing value or doing something entertaining. Go ahead and hit that little paper airplane and share it with them, so they can join you live. 


10 You Can Invite Your Friends

The little two smiley faces next to the paper airplane at the bottom, which is to invite somebody to be live with you. This way you can invite somebody to be live with you. It'll pull up the people that are already viewing or from there you can DM somebody that is not viewing live and see if they'll come on. It's pretty cool feature.  By the way, if you invite somebody to join you live, they have to accept it. So you don't have to worry about like springing the camera on them while they are sitting in their bathroom or something like that. So they will have to accept it.


Smiley Filters on Instagram Live

The next to the two smiley faces are your filters. You can choose to do different filters if you want before you go live. You can add or change them as you go.


Sharing Photo and Videos on Your Instagram Live

And the next to that and my understanding is this is only available on iPhone. But you can share photos or videos from your camera roll on your Instagram Live. So theoretically you can make slides, formatted for Instagram Live. You can do a tutorial on Instagram Live showing slides from your camera roll and almost using it like a Google slides or a PowerPoint presentation. 

When you are done hit end right there at the top, and then it'll ask you to confirm and once you've confirmed just take a deep breath. Don't panic and hit the home button on your phone and just get out of there. 

If you want to reply to some DM's but that screen pop up after you end and this is where you can choose if you want to save it to your phone, you can't go back and get it later.

  • The arrow on the upper right, if you tap that it will save the video to your phone. It will not keep the comments or any Emoji reaction that you got. It only saves videos.
  • If you want to save it with the comments, then you could use your screen recorder built into most smartphones these days to record it as you played it back or you can connect it to a computer or some program including QuickTime on Mac. 
  • So assuming you didn't discard it and decided to save it, it will stick at the top of people's feed for the next 24 hours. So it shows up with the Instagram stories. 
  • Depending on how long your Instagram Live was, it might take a few minutes for it to show up. So don't panic if you don't see it right away. 

Take Away:

Instagram live videos are very hot. It is one of the latest networks that allow you to create a live version of your own and video stories that get vanished. Instagram Live is a great video platform that will enable you to show the video to your followers for 24 hours.

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