Pros and cons of Toyota Venza 2010

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Toyota Venza may have been discontinued in 2015, but the car still gets all the love and solid customer reviews till date. Like every other car, the Venza has had its fair share of bad corners, but she has turned them with all that ease. The interior of the models were crafted with utmost

Toyota Venza may have been discontinued in 2015, but the car still gets all the love and solid customer reviews till date. Like every other car, the Venza has had its fair share of bad corners, but she has turned them with all that ease. The interior of the models were crafted with utmost care while the seats are dressed in clothe materials and they cushions are just so comfy. The models are fitted with side curtain airbags, front seats and knee protection air bags. When it comes to spacing, the trims are blessed with enough, the hackback styling of the car offers extra storage space and with the rear seats folded down the maximum storage capacity goes up to 70.1 cubic feet. Still there is amble leg room for both front seat and back seat passengers.

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2010 Toyota Venza is offered in two engine variants

Toyota Venza 2010 Trim

Toyota offered the 2010 models in a number of variants that was differentiated by two main functions, the first being the engine type deployed and the second was the type of drive train utilized in the models. Just two engine options were made available, a 2.7 Liter, In-line 4 cylinder engine and a 3.5 Liter V6 engine, with each of these supplying 182 hp and 268 hp respectively as well as 182 lb-ft and 246 lb-ft Torque rating respectively. 

In terms of the drive train, just two options were available, a Front Wheel Drive (FWD) that came as standard in the base trim and an All Wheel Drive (AWD) that could be found on two trims of the 2010 models of the Venza. All together, you could get four possible trims in the 2010 offering of the Venza, 

Toyota Venza 2010 Trims and Prices   
Trims  Brand New Prices Used Model Prices
 The Base Trim - A 2.7 Liter I-4 Engine with the Front Wheel Drive (FWD) ₦9.54 million

 Nigerian Used Models - (₦3.8 million - ₦5.0 million)

Tokumbo Models - (₦2.54 million - ₦5.45 million)

 A 2.7 Liter I-4 Engine with the All Wheel Drive (AWD)₦10.1million  
 A 3.5 Liter V6 Engine with the Front Wheel Drive (FWD) ₦10.2million  
 A 3.5 Liter V6 Engine with the All Wheel Drive (AWD)₦10.73million 


2010 Toyota Venza posts some really excellent Fuel Economy numbers

Pros and cons of Toyota Venza 2010

2010 Toyota Venza offered some really high pecks, as well as dropped the ball in some areas. Still it is a solid car that still stands tall regardless. However, lets highlight the Pros and Cons of models of the 2010 offering of Toyota Venza.

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  • Good EPA Fuel Economy Rating: This lovely car possessing qualities of the Toyota Highlander still delivers fuel economy numbers that are just impressive. The Front Wheel Drivetrain I-4 engine trim comes with a stated fuel economy of 21/29 mpg for city/highway respectively while the All Wheel Drivetrain of the same engine variant delivers 20/28 mpg for city/highway repectively. On the other hand, the V6 engine trims with Front Wheel Drive and All Wheel Drives gives rating of 19 City / 26 Hwy and 18 City / 25 Hwy respectively. 
  • Enough Space for Everyone: There is more than enough space for everyone, with amble leg room for both rear seat and front seat passengers, along with adequate head room no matter where you are seated. This means passengers can easily get in and step out of this car with so much ease and if involved in long distance trips, the cramps you may feel will definitely not be as a result of cramped seats.
  • Attractive Exterior Styling: This car is just so fine, with tall and handsome with neat smooth curves here and there, no wonder the Venza is the toast of the ladies. Its just endearing to look at.
  • Very Comfy Interior design: 2010 Toyota Venza has an interior you would expect from a Toyota Brand. The seats are covered with clothe materials while the cushion is just as soft and inviting. The dashboard area is carefully crafted with the entertainment system place appropriately for easy access for both the driver and the front passenger. The instrument cluster are bold and clear, meaning the driver won't struggle to read off what is displayed. Arm rest is fitted for the front seats which is an extra peck.
  • Reliability: Generally speaking, 2010 Toyota Venza is good value for money, as the car tends to retain its sound mechanical state as a result of the high production standard employed in building this car. The higher trims pose even better reliabilty ratings.


  • No Third Row Seat: For a car this Big, you would expect a third row seat, this though is lacking but that is compensated for by the extra luggage space it offers.
  • Wind Noise: Owners of the 2010 Toyota Venza have reported high wind noise when the car travels at high speed especially if the back glasses are down.
  • Steering Noise: This is one big off for the 2010 Toyota Venza, there seems to be a rattling noise coming from the steering column which also affects the steering feel of the car. Most owners of this car have had to completely change the steering column due to this problem.
  • Road Noise: The cars suspension system seems to give way too soon, meaning that a lot more vibration and noise filters into the cabin. 


Toyota Venza is just that kind of vehicle that won't just go away, in fact rumors even has it that Toyota may just be bringing back the beloved Venza sooner than we ever thought. So, if you can lay your hands on one, don't hesitate, go get it already. You can find top pick listings of 2010 Toyota Venta on the Naijauto Car Sales Page.

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