How to fix QuickBooks Banking Error 102

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If your bank’s website is under maintenance or facing technical issues, then the users can face with QuickBooks Banking error 102.

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 If your bank’s website is under maintenance or facing technical issues, then the users can face with QuickBooks Banking error 102. Sometimes when a client is transferring the data from the bank’s website to QuickBooks Online server issues can also occur. This error usually occurs in QuickBooks Online and is due to a technical malfunction from the bank’s side. To resolve the error, you can take a look at the suggestions given below or have a word with the technical experts at quickbooks  support number .

Solution 1- Verify the account updates in QuickBooks Online

If you find that there is no problem associated with your bank’s website or with the credit cards, then you can check for updates in QuickBooks online. If any updates are pending, then make sure that you update the software accordingly by choosing between a manual or automatic updates.

Automatic updates

If you choose the option of automatic updates, then the updates related to the online banking account usually start at 3: am. However, if the server is not able to gather any updated information for a particular scenario, then it manages to update up to five additional times in the five hours

Manual updates

By chance you don’t want to opt for automatic updates, you can choose the option of manual updates. This process takes care of a period of 90 days, and if any current update gets issued, you receive highlights about the same

Solution 2- Check the login credentials

Make sure that you only log in to the bank’s website by the URL provided by the bank for online banking. If you face errors while  connecting to the bank, then follow the steps given below and troubleshoot this issue

  • Click on Banking in the left menu
  • Search for your financial institution name( in case you haven’t linked an account before)
  • If an account is already linked, then click on Add account and add the name of your bank/financial institution
  • Now enter your Login ID and password
  • If required, complete the verification steps for security
  • Follow the instructions to add credit card details and other details

Solution 3- Check for account notification

If the user can log in to the bank account, see notifications and alerts and can also view the account summary, history, and others, then proceed to the next step

Solution 4- Wait for an action from the bank’s side

Sometimes when the bank is facing a technical issue, you can wait a day or two for the issues to get resolved

Solution 5- Ensure that your account is not new to the bank

If a user has recently added an account to the bank, then there is a possibility of this error occurring. In this case, you can have a word with the bank officials

Solution 6- Contact QuickBooks customer support team

In case, none of the above suggestions work, then feel free to contact quickbooks customer support phone number and have a word of discussion with the certified techies to get a perfect solution for this concern.

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