Open Type Rotary Screen Printing Machine Qualified Debugging

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et's follow Li cheng Flat Screen Printer Factory to learn more about this aspect.

Before printing, all machine parts of the open rotary screen printer must be adjusted to appropriate parameters for trial printing before batch printing can be started.  So how can the equipment be qualified for debugging?  Next, let's follow Li cheng Flat Screen Printer Factory to learn more about this aspect.

  1. Printing Operation Adjustment of Open Type Rotary Screen Printing Machine
    1. Adjustment of parallelism between guide rail, printing plate and working platform of split rotary screen printing machine.  If the three layers are not parallel, the screen printer can hardly work.  Generally, the guide rail or platform is taken as the benchmark for adjustment.
    A. The platform and the guide rail should be parallel, and the ink scraping plate moves along the guide rail. If the two are not parallel, the scraper will not always contact the platform with a certain pressure, and even there will be gaps. This adjustment has been adjusted before the machine leaves the factory.
    B. the screen printing plate and the platform should be parallel, otherwise the distance between the screen and the platform is inconsistent, which causes inconsistent blade printing pressure and deformation of the screen printing plate. therefore, the flatness of the screen frame itself should be guaranteed, and Jianyu screen printing generally requires users to put forward specific requirements according to their needs.
    2. Adjust the scraping speed of the split rotary screen printer.  Generally, the adjustment of the whole working cycle is realized through the adjusting handle of the continuously variable transmission device to ensure the consistent speed of each link.  Each kind of adjustment is equipped with corresponding locking mechanism. Scraper printing must be carried out in a locked state.  The installation and maintenance of screen printing machines are generally specified and required in the machine operating instructions, and users can refer to them.
  2. Adjustment of Scraper of Split Rotary Screen Printing Machine
    (1) the ink scraping plate can adjust the parallelism of the platform, and left and right screw rods can adjust the height respectively;  The left and right top wires with top wires on the left and right sides of the middle rotating shaft can be adjusted, which is essentially to adjust the quotient and low positions of the left and right sides of the ink scraping plate respectively.
    (2) the adjustment amount of scraper inclination is generally within the range of 65-85 degrees, and can be selected according to needs.
    (3) The adjustment of printing pressure shall be coordinated with the adjustment of printing plate and printing table spacing.  In screen printing, the adjustment of printing pressure is actually the adjustment of the height of the squeegee.
    (4) The length of the scraping plate cannot be adjusted,-it is generally supplied in sets, each set has several different lengths to choose from.