Joseph Ribkoff Online Shopping: Ways To Keep Your Designer Pieces Last Longer

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Among the most sought out brands in fashion at present, Joseph Ribkoff has been one of the biggest driving forces in the industry.

Among the most sought out brands in fashion at present, Joseph Ribkoff has been one of the biggest driving forces in the industry. This fashion designer contributed a lot to a big change in fashion trends, helping uniquely-designed clothes get more popular over conventional ones. Today, plenty of sophisticated women are into Joseph Ribkoff online shopping, purchasing unique pieces that will make them stand out in the crowd.

If you’re among the women who loves Joseph Ribkoff online shopping, you might be wondering how you can keep these designer pieces in great condition. What you should do to maintain them, and how can you know if you are doing them properly? Below are some care tips that might help you maintain these dresses for as long as possible.

1. Learn basic repairs for clothes

For all fashion enthusiasts, learning the proper way to do repairs such as replacing a loose thread or sewing back a missing button is important. Not only would it save you money from hiring a tailor but can make your dress last longer as well.

However, if you aren’t quite knowledgeable in this, all you need is a basic sewing kit to get ready. These are usually consist of threads, needles, and scissors, and are cheap as well as widely available. There are plenty of tutorial videos online that you can follow to start learning the basics like stitching the buttons or putting zippers. Just make sure to practice on cheap clothes so you won’t have to worry in case you made a mistake.

2. Observe colour separation before laundry

When doing your laundry, make sure that you separate clothes based on their colours. Since Joseph Ribkoff dresses require hand washing, you need to wash those light-coloured pieces first before the dark ones. This is because dark colours such as red and black tend to discolour the water, making the white ones turn into light shade of rose. Hence, do your best to keep dissimilar colours apart in the laundry so you can keep the colours of your designer pieces intact.

In addition, in terms of the dark fabrics especially the blue ones, ensure to wash them inside out as they tend to fade easily. It is ideal if you can use colour-protecting detergent to lessen the effects. This would enable you to minimise the fading and maintain the colour as it is.

3. Do hand washing only

When it comes to Joseph Ribkoff dresses, dry cleaning isn’t really an option since the process makes use of harsh chemicals that can ruin the fabric. As a result, your clothes might fade and wear out faster than they should. This is why hand washing them is the right way to keep the fabric in good condition. While this is highly-effective in taking care of your clothes, doing it the wrong way might cause more damage to them. Just make sure you know how to do it the proper way, from the type of liquid detergent to the water temperature.

4. Practice better storage

The way you keep your clothes has a big impact on how long they will last. Proper storage can help them last for many years, while just cramming them into a drawer can make them look damaged in just a short amount of time.

When storing your clothes, remember to give them adequate space, as keeping clothing packed tightly can cause fading and wrinkling issues. It is also wise to stop using wire or plastic hangers, as these can stretch out your clothes in a bad way. A far better choice would be plush or wood arm hangers since they help clothes keep their shape.

If you want to preserve your expensive designer pieces, properly taking care of them will guarantee that you will enjoy wearing them for as long as possible. Joseph Ribkoff London dresses are well-crafted, stunning pieces, but keeping them in good condition will take a little effort. If you want your expensive dresses to look great for many years, you need to take the right measures and handle your clothes with utmost care. By following the tips mentioned above, you can surely make the most out of your Joseph Ribkoff online shopping purchases.