Instances by Level - The Classic Dungeons

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Previously, if you did not have a nice selection of at least 4 other regular World of Warcraft playing buddies then you pretty much had to skip all the experience gaining quests that needed 5-man instances.

Previously, if you did not have a nice selection of at least 4 other regular World of Warcraft playing buddies then you pretty much had to skip all the experience gaining quests that needed 5-man instances. This was a major pain and source of frustration for many solo gamers but since the Dungeon Finder tool was released, now everyone can experience the fun and severe leveling power of instance leveling!

What I have for you now is a very simple guide to the best instances by level for the lower level classic dungeons. Before the expansion of the Burning Crusade and then the Wrath of the Lich King, these dungeons were the first.

Now as good as the dungeon finder tool is, you don't actually get to put it into action until you are at least level 15 so that seems as good as a place as any to start! A small note to mention is that there is only a single instance to choose from in some levels so I guess I am not really a total WoW genius when it comes to recommending that particular level! J

Ragefire Chasm - Levels 15 to 17

The Ragefire Chasm used to only be available to Horde but in another great attribute of the instance leveling system, this dungeon can now be run by Alliance. Instance leveling players using the Dungeon Finder tool will get this one straight away.

Deadmines - Levels 17 to 22

Before the dungeon finder, WoW players of the Alliance always had this dungeon on their list which made it a classic to run. Thanks to the new tool, Horde can now run this dungeon and it is actually much easier than ever before.

Blackfathom Deeps - Levels 22 to 27

As is a common feature now, this is another example of a dungeon instance that was previously only playable by Alliance that is now also opened up for Horde. You will find the eerie underwater dungeon that is Blackfathom Deeps in the Ashenvale region.

Razorfen Kraul / Gnomeregan - Levels 27 - 32

Again, the dungeon finder allows both factions of players, Horde and Alliance to run both of these instances even though Razorfen Kraul is the traditional Horde instance and Gnomeregan is the Alliance dungeon. You don't really need to do both of them but of course you can if you wish.

Scarlet Monastery - Levels 30 to 42

There are four Scarlet Monastery instances to choose from however they are all pretty similar to each other and even seasoned players find it quite hard to even tell the real differences between them once you get started and get inside. The plus side however is that you will seem to fly past both level 30 as well as level 40 while running these instances!

Zul'Farrak - Levels 42 to 47

Zul'Farrak is a massive dungeon with heaps of drops that really makes this instance worth spending the time in completing the full four levels. It is another dungeon that previously players would find and group for before the dungeon finder came along. Oh and by the way, I forgot to mention that there is also an additional end level boss for you to deal with as well in this dungeon!

Temple of Atal'Hakkar - Levels 47 to 52

The Sunken Temple is one of those instances that always seem to be popping up around these levels. Although it is pretty big, it does not take a heck of a lot of time to run so my advice to you is whether you like this dungeon or not, just get it done and move on!

Blackrock Depths - Levels 52 to 60

If you can manage it, starting these instances at level 48 will assist you in smashing on up to level 50 in a hurry! A downside of this leveling stage is that because Blackfathom Depths is the only available instance for the most part here, you will probably get pretty sick of it! With every dark cloud however there is always a silver lining as they say and this is no different! The more times that you run this instance, you will comes across other players that have keys so you can unlock additional sections of this instance. Sort of like Groundhog Day but with a new twist and add-on each time!

At this point, there are still a few of the old classic dungeons that are worth running, Molten Core is one that comes to mind, however I would recommend that after you get to level 58 you should probably cross over to the Burning Crusades instances in the Outlands.

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