Tells The Story That Kobe Has To Tell

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From the sad news of Kobe's death, I have been thinking about what else I can do as a shoe evaluation blogger to inherit the spirit of Mamba.

From the sad news of Kobe's death, I have been thinking about what else I can do as a shoe evaluation blogger to inherit the spirit of Mamba. 

After a few days of planning, I decided to use 8 and 24, the two most "Kobe" numbers, to record Kobe's closest teammates - his shoes of all ages.

Heroes come and go , but legends forever.

Mamba never out.

Mamba Forever

For Kobe  

——"A paragraph written before this topic"

 Kobe 11 Elite Low-Red/Violet/White1、《Dear Basketball》

November 30, 2015 was supposed to be an ordinary day, but it broke the hearts of countless basketball fans because of a letter from a man.

In a player forum, Kobe Bryant published a long article called "Dear basketball", which tells about his career and the fetters with basketball and the game.

After this article, Bryant's "retirement Tour" officially kicked off.

16 days later, nike Kobe 11 officially went on sale, and accompanied the superstar to the end of his career.

2. Achilles' heel

The Achilles tendon injury has become the biggest pain in Kobe's career. There is no doubt that the Achilles heel is similar to Kobe's Achilles tendon.

nike Kobe 11's debut color is called "Achilles heel", which shows that although Kobe Bryant has many wounds, he is always the tenacious God of war.

3. Configuration overview

Although nike Kobe 11's configuration is "a little" less than Kobe's at its peak.

However, the enhanced flyknit woven upper, plus the configuration of the lunar in the forefoot and the zoom air in the back, still make the Kobe 11 reliable.

It is worth mentioning that in the ID service of Nike official website, you can upgrade the midsole to full-length Zoom Air by adding 100 pieces. 

4. Farewell to the enemy

When it comes to Kobe Bryant's biggest opponent in his career, there may be many different opinions and answers. But the Boston Celtics may be the only one worthy of the title of "enemy of death".

In the final game of TD north shore Garden Arena, the fans of the dead enemy gave Kobe Bryant their highest respect: the boos and cheers.

In that game, nike Kobe 11 was also a classic. 

5. All star farewell

All stars in 2016 are like a big party, and that day left us too many memories.

Before the game, Kobe Bryant and Chris Paul's youngest son had a warm, solo fight.

In the game, LeBron James, who is also an enemy, a teacher and a friend, paid his biggest respect to his elder brother: he knocked on the floor, pulled back, as if to say to Kobe: come on, man, beat me, like together, come on.

And finally, Kobe Bryant received the cheers of the whole court and finished his last all star performance in his career.

Of course, when it comes to the end, you can't forget his old comrade in arms, nike Kobe 11 in all star color.

6、Mamba Day 

On the day of Kobe's retirement, the Mamba day nikeid color, a Kobe record theme based on the nike Kobe 11 EM shoe, is the craziest design in the history of basketball shoes.

At the moment of sale, the four color schemes were wiped out. The secondary market was hard to find and the price was soaring.

7、Mamba Out

Finally came this day, Beijing time, April 14, 2016, Staples Center, this stubborn man, attracted the eyes of the world.

Facing Utah Jazz, Kobe Bryant in his closing game, for the fans of the world, presented a most "Kobe Bryant" game.

At that moment, the outcome of the game seems to be irrelevant, we just hope that the second can be a little longer, a little longer.

60 points, 4 rebounds, 4 assists, 1 steals and 1 covers. He gave it to the whole world and to himself. He couldn't get a perfect answer.

What Can I Say? Mamba Out.

This is his last memory in the professional arena.

8, ALT

After Bryant retired, Kobe 11 also launched ALT version of the boot.

The shape of this boot is similar to the charm of "gloves" in the past. There is an extra layer of mask on the outside of the shoe, and it is equipped with a side zipper for easy on and off. 

It can be said that Kobe 11 is very fashionable

Kobe 11 Elite Low-White/Violet/Black