Contact Phoenix Control Systems for palletising robots. Palletising robots build up layers of products for shipment usually onto pallets. When the pallet is full the operator will remove the completed pallet. Palletising robots performance continues to grow, furthermore, now is the perfect time for small and mid-sized companies that have been waiting for a decline in robotic prices to take up automation for their process. Email us: Phoenix Control Systems is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of Automation Industrial Systems for all kind of industries: Automotive, Food, Aerospace, Marine, Robot Automation and others. We can design, manufacture and install Industrial Control Panels from simple control panel building to full custom integrated systems. We are committed to providing a world class, value adding accreditation service to demonstrate our commitment to consistency, continual improvement and customer satisfaction. have the ability to solve your complex problems with simple solutions. We are aware that our client can lose a lot of production if we do not perform and maintain high level standards. We are helping companies to start in automation both here in the UK and abroad. We have the ability to manage projects of all sizes from multi-robot production cells within the car industry to a single small robot installs for SMEs. We provide system integration from the initial phases of the project all the way through to the completion and in many cases beyond with our After Sales support. In essence, our goal is complete customer satisfaction. We carry out turnkey solutions for Industrial Control Systems and Robotic Automation in high-regulated sectors. We have the ability to solve your complex problems with simple solutions. For more details, visit our website.