Use your iPhone's Mail, Contacts, Calendars section of the Settings app to line up new email accounts, and to feature existing ones to your device, including your BellSouth email account. Once you've added it, you'll then use Mail or any third-party email app to send and receive emails from your BellSouth account.
Set Up Your BellSouth Email
Step 1. Launch "Settings" from your iPhone's Home screen.
Step 2. Tap "Mail, Contacts, Calendars" on the left and choose "Add Account" from the menu.
Step 3. Tap "Other" then select "Add Mail Account."
Step 4. Tap the "Name" text field and enter your name as you want it displayed once you send emails.
Step 5. Enter your Belsouth Net email address, including the "@" part, and your account password.
Step 6. Change the outline of the e-mail account if you favor an alternative to the iPhone's default name and tap "Next."
Step 7. Select "POP" at the highest and enter "" for the Host Name, your full email address as the User Name and your password under Incoming Mail Server.
Step 8. Enter "" into the Host Name, your full email address as the User Name and your password under Outgoing Mail Server. Tap "Save."
Step 9. Tap "Advanced."
Step 10. Both "incoming usage SSL" and "outgoing use SSL". Enter "995" as the port number for the incoming server and "465" as the port number for the outgoing server. Tap "Save."
How to setup Bellsouth Email with Outlook?
Follow the steps to line up the Bellsouth email with Outlook –
Open the Outlook account. Now click on ‘File’ then ‘Add Account’.
Select the choice ‘Manual configure server settings or additional server types’ then ‘Next’. Select 'Next' to open the setup wizard. When asked the question ‘Would you wish to configure an E-mail Account?’, select ‘Yes’.
Enter the name and Bellsouth email address.
Now select ‘IMAP or POP’ and choose ‘Next’.
The POP3 details for the ‘Incoming mail server’ are going to be ‘’. For ‘Outgoing mail (SMTP) server’ it'll be ‘’.
Now enter the Username and therefore the Password.
For more settings, select 'and select the checkbox for Going my outgoing server (SMTP)' requires authentication and use the same settings as my incoming mail server '.
Now select the 'Advanced' tab and enter the server port number that comes as '995' for POP3. The Outgoing Server (SMTP) port is going to be ‘465’.
Select 'SSL' to use the following types of encrypted connections.
Now select ‘OK’ and the ‘Next’. If the test passes, select ‘Finish’. Check all the settings again if the test fails.
For more details, you'll contact the BellSouth Email Settings Configuration on iPhone.