Halong Bay – The magnificent beauty of the world natural heritage
Legend has it that when the Jade Emperor wanted to protect Vietnam from war, he sent the Dragons to the ground. It is these dragons that spread precious stones on the ground including jade and emerald with the purpose of making weapons against invaders. Later, these stones turned into large and small islands of Halong Bay. Later, when the country was completely independent, Mother Dragon decided to live in Ha Long and it was also the source of the name associated with this place. Therefore, for the people of Vietnam, Ha Long Bay has an important cultural and historical value.Coming to Ha Long, visitors are immersed in the nature of the majestic sky; join exciting adventure games; traveling on romantic islands, caves on luxury yachts to watch the sunrise and sunset, and also visit a fishing village and learn about the culture and customs of local people at this bay.
Nhasilk aspires to spread majestic beauties of Ha Long Bay and the pride of original country that is “ children of the fairy and the dragon“. Nhasilk made a masterpiece of silk scarf with motifs of Ha Long Bay. Nhasilk combined silk material which is the queen of the fabrics with the motifs that depicts Ha Long Bay image subtly and genuinely. This image has a boat far away and islands rising up on the smooth wave of water when the dawn flashes on the horizon, which is a magical dreamy beauty. The silk scarf will be a meaningful gift of Vietnamese flavor for tourists and their friends, relatives.