You need to solve ReCaptchas for you to be able to earn Bitcoins and CoinHeaps Points (CHP). Wait until the recaptcha is solved. The speed of solving recaptcha depends on the specs of your device's processing power (CPU). CoinHeaps uses Coinhive's recaptcha tool for this system. Unlike with a conventional captcha however, you not have to "proof you're human". Instead, the captcha is a "proof of work" itself.

Once you've finished solving all the captchas, comeback again tomorrow and solve another sets of captcha.

While solving captchas, DO NOT close the popup or reload the page else you will start all over again.

Some ReCaptchas are not always available and the reward values might change from time to time but we encourage you to visit this page regularly. To increase your chances it's recommended to try them multiple times, at different hours, every day.
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Ways to earn in
1. Hourly Earnings - Claim your earnings HOURLY!
2. ReCaptcha - Earn and collect coins to exchange Cash/BTC prizes!
3. Games - Earn just by playing games and enjoy!

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