Meenakshi Devi Anushthan -

When the mother of #Cosmos incarnated in the third manifestation, and Married lord #Shiva, she was called #Meenakshi #Devi. Considered as the Adi- Shakti and consort of Shiva/ #Sundareshwara. #Meenakshi also means “the one who has eyes like that of a fish”. It is believed that the fish protects their young ones with their eyes. Hence the fish eyed Goddess, protects her children by keeping an eye on them and an eye on the troubles. Meenakshi Amman Devi #Anushthan is dedicated to Maa #Parvathi, known as Meenakshi and her consort, Shiva here named #Sundareshwara. This Anushthan is performed for happy married Life.