A new era of crypto networking

If you say I'm happy, it means not saying anything. I'm just in excitement. It is possible that not everyone noticed this important event, so today I want to tell everyone about it.

Recently, the DClick project has been launched, which today is part of the crypto social network Steemit. What is so special about this event? After all, this is not the first application of Steemit can say an inexperienced user.

But in fact, it really is a new era in the social crypto networking. Now I will explain why.

Up to this point, we’ve talked about several mandatory elements of a crypto social network that set them apart from all these Facebook and Twitter.

These elements are: the system of rewarding users for their activity, the system of curatorship, the system of boosterization and their own cryptocurrency.

Thanks to DClick, all crypto social networks have a... content monetization system. This is the missing link, and this is the tool for the traditional social networks to earn billions of dollars.

Speaking very briefly, with the help of DClick you can embed advertising materials in any article, in any post. Later I will do a more detailed review of this project and you will understand everything. But that is not all.

DClick is, i