Dlike about crypto networks. Review 5

Today we publish Review 5 of the most interesting news from the category "network". I want to remind you that these news are selected by users of Dlike crypto social network, and only fragments are posted here.

So, what is selected to date? Let's start with Facebook, although this network does not apply to the crypto category, but there are a lot of our potential followers.

The user iyanpol12 citation is an article "Facebook reportedly shopping for a cybersecurity company", which says: "... Facebook wants billions of users to know that he cares about improving security, which has decreased significantly as a result of a recent serious violation, and now it seems that the giant of social networks is ready to spend some money on a major acquisition in the field of cybersecurity ..." What exactly is acquiring Facebook can be found in the article.

Another author, with the login name sanstar, talks about the article "The POA Network launches the USD-Stable Blockchain stabilizer," which says: "... POA Network announced they have released the first ever blockchain that is USD-stable. xDai Chain is the result of collaboration between POA Network and MakerDAO. The new blockchain is compatible with Ethereum and will have a Proof