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The platform that also earns money without trading.
20₺ gift for those who sign up.
20₺ gift to the invitee.
The non-crashing KOIN on the platform is indexed at 20% bitcoin, 40% gold, 40% dollar.
Buy and sell (trade mining function) to earn profit every time people shop.
With the Hold - Win (pledging function) you can earn either daily, 30-day or 90-day KOIN, and also constantly increase your KOIN amount with the automatic new investment plan.
Get 60% of your foreign currency profits every day by just holding a token (KOIN). (BTC, USDT, ETH, XRP etc.)
Get your dividends anytime from the 2-level earnings plan on the platform.
Low transaction fees (maker 0.07 - taker 0.09).
High volume fast transactions, 2 million transactions per second.
Kyc identity verification is required on the platform.
It is mandatory to register for free with the link given to you in order to earn 20₺ from registration or invitation.


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For lovers of travel who also partake in photography, feel free to post here. Discuss, critique if it is welcomed and enjoy great views from all over the world!